Svayam Accessibilities Award 2015
7/31/2015 12:00 AM

The Ombudsoffice of Disabled Persons participated in the 14th International Conference on Mobility & Transport for the for Elderly and the Disabled Persons (TRANSED 2015), which took place in Lisbon, from 28 to 31 of July 2015. In this conference, participated also internationally renowned experts, mainly from European Union and Asia, as well as national politicians.

SIA (Accessible Itineraries System) was born in the nasceu no scope of the Elaboration of Porto’s Accessibility Promotion Plan. SIA is an application for consultation origin/destination based on an accessibility diagnosis to the streets, spaces and public facilities in the Porto City.

The structure of this project is organized over the public transport network, more specifically about the Metro network, because metro is more suitable to receive our kind of "customers", since its composition doesn’t change and all the stations are accessible. With this "metro-concentric" scheme we seek to identify, within a 500 meters radius, the essential connections between the stations, other public transports (buses, trains, etc.), facilities (educational, cultural, sportive, health, etc.), public spaces and other remarkable "urban events".

The Accessible Itineraries System allows the online consultation of optimized accessible paths, digitally calculated between two previously chosen points.The implementation of this project enables the extent of the accessibility map throughout the territory, ensuring continuity elements, sorting relations between pathways, equipments and monuments.

The public transportation support helps us achieving the goals defined for this project, affirming its inter-municipal and inter-regional nature.

This award came to recognize the work developed in the accessibility scope in Porto city and encourage to do always more and better for all the citizens.