Acesso 03. Design and Inclusion
10/23/2015 2:00 PM

FREE ENTRANCE - 11:30h on the November 2nd of 2015

The Ombudsoffice of Disabled Persons in partnership with the Regional Association of Protection of the Cultural and Natural Patrimony (Associação Regional de Proteção do Património Cultural e Natural) and the Association Design Includes You, introduce ACESSO.03. under the theme Design and Inclusion (Access 03.).

The different ACESSO (Access) intended to lead to the reflection about the different contexts: urbanistic, social, economic and artistic, considering the experience of the people with conditioned autonomy.

In the ACESSO.03 it is intended to promote the interpellation to the INCLUSION theme, exploring the drawing as a tool to activate the participation of groups socially excluded in creative processes. This process intends to transpose the human and technical skills, in competitive and equaly atractive products.

The exhibition ACESSO.03 seeks to extend the concept of PARTICIPATION and consut of the users. The drawing takes the shape of a social, emotional and physical integrator, not only in the conception process, but also, in the accomplishment of the function they are aimed at.​